August Newsletter

Hello everyone

It’s that time of the month again already, the weeks seem to pass by so quickly between our TLF newsletters!   So, here is your monthly round up of TLF fundraising news and an update on what the Torbay Crew have been up to over the past month.

I’m going to start with notice of a couple of cancellations which were provisionally in our list of events for this year.   As you know, our programme is currently subject to change, and we continue to review the safety of all our events very carefully before confirming them.   During the past week the Torbay Lifeboat Management Group (of which I am a member) have reviewed our planned Torbay Station Seaside Special Event (15th August) and our Torbay Lifeboat Annual Service (22nd August).  After taking into consideration the still high numbers of Covid cases in Torbay and the need to ensure Torbay Lifeboat Operations continue, we have taken the decision to cancel both events again this year.       We consider that in the current pandemic environment, encouraging larger than normal numbers of supporters to congregate in the Torbay Lifeboat Station area, and near our Crew, could jeopardise the smooth operational running of Torbay Station, and we think it advisable to shelve our plans for this year in the hope that we can return next year with a bigger, safe event.

Members of the TLF committee are currently exploring an alternative location away from the Station area for a smaller fundraising event on the 15th August.   We will update you when we confirm our plans for the day.

July fundraising
It has been a very busy and successful fundraising month.  It amazes me that we are still managing to raise so much in the continuing difficult circumstances.

Paignton Harbour Craft Market – Every Friday evening
TLF committee members continue to attend the market on Friday evenings, where we are still taking around £300 per week in donations and souvenir sales.   It is a big commitment to attend each week, but a worthwhile weekly trip to Paignton.   The market continues until the end of August.

Fish Quay Market – 13th July
We had a fantastic day!   The weather was lovely, the holiday makers were keen to buy our goods and donations on our Cover the Flag were impressive!   The day raised £1,529.35 (including RNLI souvenir sales).   

Cover the Flag – 20th, 21st and 24th July
Our 3 flag days in Fore Street, Brixham and outside the Lifeboat Station were again successful events.  The total raised over the 3 days was £1,282.63.    Huge thanks to Cathy and Hazel for organising the rota – no mean feat I can assure you, and thanks to everyone who marshalled the flags.   We are repeating this event again this weekend (yesterday and today) outside the Lifeboat Station.

When you add the above totals to our RNLI collection box takings, which we have in Businesses around the whole of the Bay, and the high turnover in the Kiosk and Middle Street shop at the moment, TLF really are doing a great fundraising job again this year – Thank You everyone!

August fundraising
As mentioned above, our planned programme has changed a little, but we still have fundraising events coming up…

TLF Summer Fundraising week – 7th to 15th August
Our annual summer fundraising week is obviously very different again this year – no coffee mornings nor pub quizzes I’m afraid!  However, we will still be out and about safely raising money and talking to the public about what we do and why that is so important to the RNLI and Torbay Lifeboat.

7th to 14th August – Cover the Flag outside the Lifeboat Station
We really need your help to complete the rota for the week.  Please contact Cathy on 01803 857106.
Wednesday 11th August – Souvenir Stall and Cover the Flag at Paignton Seafront
Pop by and say hello, we will have plenty of items on sale for your children and grand-children – and space on the flag to donate or tap on our contactless donation machine!
Sunday 15th August
To be advised.
21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th August – Cover the Flags in Fore Street Brixham and Lifeboat Station

Again, we really need your help to fill the rota.  Please give this event a go if you haven’t marshalled the flag before.   We have carried out a complete risk assessment and are confident we have all general safety and Covid precautions covered.  Just an hour of your time is all we need.   Contact Cathy on 01803 857106.

Lifeboat Station Retail Kiosk
You may have noticed that the outer walls of the Kiosk have been looking very shabby of late, due to the plastic coating shrinking back.  I am really pleased to say that after quite a long wait, the outside wall boards are due to be replaced in August and with updated RNLI images!   We will send out some photos when the work is complete for those of you who are unable to visit the Kiosk.

It would be great if we could identify a new Kiosk Manager at the same time!   Give me a call if you are interested in taking over this role from me.

Non TLF Fundraising
Our huge thanks this month goes to the Bay View Bar at Brixham Holiday Park who have raised just over £700 for the RNLI so far this year.   Well Done Bay View Bar team!

The Torbay Inn Paignton have arranged a fundraising day in aid of the RNLI on Saturday 14th August.   There will be lots going on at the Inn; Live Music; Magician ‘Lez the Fez’; Morris Dancers and much more.  They have permission to close the street outside the Inn so the majority of the events on the day will be held safely in the open air!   Please pop along to join in if you are able to and show your support for this RNLI fundraiser.

Torbay Lifeboat Station news
She’s back!     
Torbay Lifeboat is now back at our Station after a long absence whilst having her engines repaired on the Isle of Wight.    Our Crew sailed relief ALB ‘Duke of Kent’ to Poole last Sunday to collect Torbay’s ‘Alec and Christina Dykes’.   
They left very early Sunday morning, and after transferring to Torbay Lifeboat they left Poole starting to feel quite peckish!   With only snacks on board, they requested a short stop at Weymouth harbour, but sadly there was no room for them to moor up, so they carried on for a while until reaching Lyme Regis.    They managed to moor up alongside a trawler – owned by a friend of our second Coxswain Richard Fowler – and went ashore for much needed Fish and Chips.    What they hadn’t realised is that it was Lyme Regis Lifeboat Open day, and to their surprise they ended up taking a small part in the event.     Lyme Crew and Operations team were very happy to have our Torbay Crew and our ALB there, albeit for a very short time, as they were soon on their way back here to Torbay Station.


July Shouts
ALB – 5
ILB – 3 plus 1 Assembly only
One of the shouts this month was a joint ALB/ILB launch
Total Shouts to end of July

ALB – 26
ILB – 44

History of the RNLI Pager
Since 1824, courageous lifeboat volunteers have dropped everything to launch to a rescue when the call for help comes.  But, when it comes to receiving the call for help, crews have been on quite a journey to sound the alarm over the years!
From someone shouting to alert the lifeboat crew, to the bleeping of a pager, you can discover the evolution of how our lifeboat crews hear of an emergency at sea by clicking this link:

History of the RNLI Pager

After quite a lengthy newsletter this month, I am left with a final message to pass on to you.    You may have seen and heard on the TV, radio and social media, continued coverage of the migrant situation in the Channel.  I thought it might be useful to you, during your RNLI volunteering, to have access to the latest information from the RNLI on this subject.    Please click this link for the full RNLI response, including an interview with RNLI’s Chief Executive Mark Dowie – RNLI response


Note – this month’s newsletter image is our local car sticker, on sale as a fundraising item in our Middle Street Shop and Kiosk for £2.50 each

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