February Newsletter

First of all a mention about our Retail outlets;- understandably the Middle St shop operated reduced opening days after Christmas but mid-February it will be fully open, as there is a greater footfall along the Marina/Breakwater the Kiosk has continued to open each day and both will soon return to 10 a.m.– 4 p.m. opening times.

We have successfully recruited more Volunteers to work in both outlets so Welcome to our new helpers.  This helps us keep the Shop/Kiosk open more regularly and also reduces our over-dependence on existing Volunteers.

Talking of Volunteers I would like to take this opportunity in paying tribute to Margaret Stather who until December has been a mainstay at the Middle St Shop since it opened 22 years ago.  We wish Margaret a very deserved “retirement”.

Coffee Mornings:
I recently remarked briefly about the incredible success of our event at the Berry Head Hotel where normally the Library serves our accommodation needs well, however so many of you blessed us with your presence the staff were more like furniture “shifters” as batches of chairs were brought in from other parts of the Hotel.  In total £515 was raised, our best ever coffee morning!!

Unfortunately our recent event in Torquay was not too well attended, perhaps the long on-going roadworks just outside Torquay put many off but our thanks to Julia & Jamie our Hosts at The Cimon and we will certainly be visiting them again.

Our next Coffee Morning is on Wednesday 9 March at Churston Golf Club followed by the Harbour Light in Paignton on Tuesday 12 April so please put those in your RNLI diaries.

Sadly our recent “Mayday call” brought little response however a few more members have offered help with more collection box duties so thank you for that.  However Barbara has offered to remain as our Honorary Secretary for a further 12 months so Thank You Barbara, but please members, try not to “abuse” those serving on the Committee, they all deserve a break at sometime in the future.

Nationally there is a recruitment drive on its way as it seems RNLI has lost around 2,500 volunteers during the pandemic, particularly in the Retail outlets, our volunteer needs are particularly focused in Torquay & Paignton so we will be considering ways to attract more Members from those areas. There is a great deal you can do in asking friends to join our Membership List and if you have any helpful suggestions please do let us know.

As I tend to enjoy a cosy relationship with the Membership Secretary I am acutely aware that around one third of our members still have not paid their fees for 2022. If you are unsure whether you have or have not paid your fees please contact Anne on 01803 855329 or drop your monies (in a marked envelope) into the Shop or Kiosk.

Event Programme 2022:
We are at the final stages of completing the April – September schedule which we will be sending out to you soon.  We are too aware that this has not previously been possible over the past 18-24 months with the restrictions to our activities that Covid brought, however we will be returning to a full programme with many opportunities for you to volunteer to help with Events.

Afternoon Cream Tea:
Thank you to those who have said they would like to attend this at the Berry Head Hotel on Tuesday 17 May 2p.m.– 4p.m.  But I would like to make a final call for this event so the Hotel can provide us with an appropriate room.  Bev Turvey’s “Planet Uke” will be providing a musical quiz for us.  Tickets just £10 per head, just e-mail me.

AGM 2 March @ Brixham Rugby Club:
Apologies but in my recent message about this I indicated Refreshments would be available on arrival; we will be serving Refreshments…but only after we have concluded the AGM “business”.

10 mobilisations in Jan; 7 for ILB & 3 ALB
Highlights include;-
1.       Rescue of 4 paddle boarders off Broadsands Beach who found difficulty returning to shore against a stiff offshore breeze.  ILB towed them back to the Beach and safety.

2.       Paddle boarder on rocks near Thatcher Rock.  Casualty recovered and returned to Meadfoot Beach

3.       ALB launched to investigate an AIS (Automatic Identification System) “man overboard” signal alert at Hopes Cove.  Alarm had been inadvertently activated by a diver in the water who, thankfully, was perfectly safe.

4.       ILB responded to a broken-down jet ski in Preston Beach area.  On arrival a small angling boat was assisting, ILB escorted them both back into Paignton Harbour

Right, that’s all for this month.  Soon I hope to be able to share with you all something quite exciting that our Lifeboat Crews are going to be getting involved in….watch this space!!

Kind Regards


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