January Newsletter

First of all may I wish you all a Happy New Year and I trust that Santa brought you most if not all of the gifts you wrote to him about. And just to let you know Lynn has settled in well into Russington.

Now, down to business.

Coffee Mornings: We will be at Berry Head Hotel next Wednesday 12 January, usual times of 10 am – noon.
This will be an ideal time to “pass on” those “unwanted” Christmas Presents to the Raffle (just make sure they weren’t given to you by a TLF member !!)
The Hotel requests that we wear our facemasks when we are circulating within the Hotel but as at the Yacht Club last month, whilst we are drinking/eating that can be relaxed. There are plenty of sanitisers available.

In February we have a new location for our Coffee Mornings and that is at “The Crimon” on Abbey Road, Torquay. I am visiting the owners Julia & Jamie this week so will update you on that venue later.

Anne will be at both venues to receive your 2022 Memberships.

We are visiting Churston Golf Club on Wednesday to see if we can hold a Coffee Morning there, hopefully in March, they seem keen!!

We have resurrected a great fundraising idea from 2019 when Covid first hit us and it is something many of us will be contemplating as we look back at the result of the Christmas “excesses” on our waistbands in the form of “Lose it for the Lifeboats” where folks commit/donate £5 to shed 5 pounds in weight. 
Actually, achieving the dieting target would be nice but it is NOT compulsory. Visit our Just Giving button but don’t forget to say you are donating for “Lose it for the Lifeboats”

Dave also wishes to remind TLF Members that it is not too late to join the TLF 100 Club draw so please contact him if you are currently not in it.  The more members the more you can win.

From April onwards we have another very busy Programme of Events, mainly Cover the Flag dates so check out the Programme when we post it out shortly.

What have our Crews been up to during December?
5 December: ILB assisted in rescue of 2 people cut off at Peak Cove.  Successful outcome
Same day both Crews launched to assist Devon & Cornwall Police.

16 December: ILB launched in response to a casualty in the water, recovered before their arrival, ILB stood down and returned home.

25 December: ILB responded to missing dog in St Mary’s area, subsequent search found nothing and crew were stood down.

This last shout is just further proof about the 24hr/365 day service our Crews provide to the Torbay community.

January has begun quite busy with shouts being received in the first 3 days…more next month.

Kind Regards

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