The 25th July marks the first ever World Drowning Prevention Day – created by the UN to officially recognise that drowning is an important international issue.   An estimated 2.5M lives have been lost to the water in the last decade alone.
You and your RNLI family have done, and will continue to do, so much to play an important role in tackling drowning.  With you beside us, we pledge that we’ll never stand by if we can prevent a life being lost to the water.  Watch the video below to find out why, and how, together we can save every one.

World Drowning Prevention Day

Torbay Lifeboat Station’s Sea Safety team are always available to give advice and talk to individuals or groups.   Please contact John Turner on 07866 689315 for more information.

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You may have seen news coverage or social media posts about our lifeboat crews going to the aid of migrants in the English Channel.   As a supporter, it’s important you know that, wherever the RNLI believe there is a risk to life at sea, they will continue to launch to the rescue.
HM Coastguard and the Irish Coast Guard can request any of our lifeboats to launch to a search and rescue incident.   Our lifeboats operate under international maritime law, which states we are permitted and indeed obligated to enter all waters for search and rescue purposes.
Once a rescue is complete, the RNLI hand over responsibility for migrant casualties to the UK Border Force and/or the police.   The RNLI’s focus remains fixed on our core purpose: to save lives at sea, wherever those lives are in danger around our coasts, for whatever reason, and we can’t do that without your kind support, or the volunteers who answer the call.   Those crews are working together in the south east of England to provide support for each other where needed.   The RNLI thank them for continuing to preserve the lives of others without judgement, and for working together to ensure our 24/7 lifesaving service is ready to save every one we can.

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