Torbay’s ‘new’ Lifeboat Station

The slide-show below shows exclusive images of the interior/exterior as it currently stands. As yet nothing is decided upon so no images are labelled, some rooms are obvious, others are not.

The 30 strong lifeboat crew and other station volunteers have outgrown Torbay’s current lifeboat station. The boathouse capacity, layout and facilities are now cramped and chaotic, falling short of the standards expected of modern lifeboat stations. The option to take ownership of the building that was used by Brixham Coastguard until it was closed in 2014, offers the RNLI an opportunity to relocate the station and provide the volunteer lifeboat crew with dedicated crew changing facilities, a crew training and welfare room, separate office space and a dedicated workshop, greatly enhancing the facilities they have now.
The buildings were an important operational centre for HM Coastguard in the South West going back to 1867. Then in 2014 when coastguard services were centralised, they were sold to Wolsrap Properties Ltd, underwent extensive refurbishment and were subsequently leased to Marine Towage Services (MTS), a worldwide deep-sea tugboat and pilot vessel operator with long marine and Brixham based heritage going back to 1920s.

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