July Newsletter

July Newsletter:

“We’re on the move” !!

Apologies if you may have heard this first via Devon Live or Herald Express but it has been a delicate situation in securing our new “home” which will be the previous MTS/HM Coastguard station on the Quay opposite the “Man & Boy” statue.

All interested parties attended a meeting on site yesterday in order to get an appreciation of the various buildings and what they offer us.

Obviously the key needs are those of the Lifeboat Crews and Mark has been in previous discussions with the Crew members and therefore their needs are being met within the scope of the complex.  I am not going to dwell more on the added scope the facility may provide as these will be developed over the coming years, except to say that there is an ideal retail outlet space which I am hoping we can get our current shop/kiosk volunteers to view very soon.

Once that is open we can continue our role of raising funds via the Retail outlets and we will have a presence in what is likely to be an un-occupied complex for some time to come.  The future of the current lifeboat station is unclear at the moment but once I feel in a position to let you know I will do, however it is outside our Fundraising remit but I appreciate it may be of interest to TLF Members.

Kili News

Our intrepid cyclists completed round 2 of the Challenge as they rode across the isles of Scotland, check out our website for pictures and more commentary.

Next up is the Swim challenge; leader Andrew Medley sent me the following;-

“The Swim is taking place over 2 days; Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd of July.  They are departing at 7 a.m. on Thursday which takes them from Hope’s Nose, around the Ore Stone, back past Thatcher Rock and along the coastline from Meadfoot onwards to Torquay and then finishing at Broadsands with an approximate arrival time of 2 p.m.

Day 2 commences at 8 a.m. from Broadsands, through Elberry, around Seven Quarries and onwards to Breakwater end and around Berry Head.  The group will then turn around and complete the final leg to Breakwater Beach arriving at approximately 1 p.m.”

This is a big Challenge and we would encourage TLF Members to support the team on both days.  We are arranging a Bucket Collection on the Friday at Breakwater Beach so please do let me know if you can be there and I’ll have plenty of buckets for the public to show their support of our wonderful crews.

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