Fundraising News

After the visit to the Shop and Kiosk by the RNLI Retail team to check our Covid processes, we have been given the go ahead to re-open this coming Monday (12th) at 10am. We will continue to follow the same pre-lockdown Covid safety guidelines to protect our volunteers and customers.
Opening times will be….
Shop (initial opening hours)
Monday to Thursday – 10am until 3.30pm
Friday – 10am to 1pm
Saturday – 10am to 3.30pm
Sunday – Closed
Monday to Sunday – 10am until 4pm

Fundraising Crew Needed-if you would like to join us as a fundraising volunteer we would love to hear from you.

Please email form to or print and return completed form to:-
Anne Thorp (Membership Secretary)
RNLI Shop – 28 Middle Street, Brixham, TQ5 8ER


13th to 18th April – Virtual Jigsaw Puzzle

A repeat of our popular online jigsaw puzzle.  We are attempting to complete a 1000 piece jigsaw in 6 days, asking for a £5 donation for 20 pieces.  We will publish daily photo updates again so that you can see the progress.   Full details will be published soon.

TLF Vacancies

To help us meet our TLF fundraising aspirations and in preparation for when we are back to a full fundraising programme, we are looking for additional volunteers to join our team in the following roles……

• Retail Kiosk Manager (RNLI shop opposite Torbay Lifeboat Station)
• Fundraising Event Organiser (committee position)
• Box collectors – joining our Paignton and Torquay teams who empty our collection boxes in those areas.
• Catering team assistants

If you, or someone you know, are interested in being more actively involved with our TLF fundraising, one of the above vacancies could certainly be for you!
We can give you training and support for all these roles.

Please get in touch – email us at or give us a call on 07716 117875 and we can provide you with more information on each role.


Upcoming Events

2nd May – 10am until 4pm – TLF May Day event (subject to weather)

This will be our first outside event for a while!  While meeting all the required Covid Guidelines, and with authorisation from the local Council to go ahead, we will be outside the Lifeboat Station with a few stalls and a Cover the Flag.  Pop by to say hello and make a purchase or donation!

8th May – Souvenir Stall and Cover the Flag, Torquay (subject to weather)

Again, meeting all required Covid Guidelines and with authorisation from the local Council, we will be out and about on the Prom at Torquay.  More details in May’s newsletter.

Make yourself a cuppa and read our April Newsletter

Thank you very much indeed to Vanessa Pope and all of her supporters for raising a fantastic £705 for RNLITorbay, following the recent rescue of her dog Florrie by our ILB.
Vanessa walked the coast path from Brixham to Kingswear – Thank you!
Your support for #SavingLivesAtSea is very much appreciated.
If you would like to add your donation, just click HERE

What is Mayday?A mayday call is the most urgent plea RNLI lifesavers receive and is used when life is in immediate danger. Usually, our lifesavers answer calls for help, but today, with Summer on the way, it’s they who need YOUR help.We’re expecting more families than ever to book holidays in the UK and Ireland this year. People are excited to get away – and that’s how it should be, but it’s so easy to get into trouble by the water; for walkers to get cut off by the tide; for a paddling child to be swept out to sea.


With Spring in the air, we are sure many of you are planting up your seeds, bedding and vegetable plants. How about planting a few extra this year and selling them to your family and friends, or even from your gatepost, and donating the money you make via our TLF Just Giving Site or by passing the money to our treasurer Dave Smithson. A ‘blooming’ marvellous way to fundraise! With green fingers!

Costcutter in Pillar Avenue, Brixham, has just given us £578.02!
This is 50% of their 2020 carrier bag levy!
Your support of RNLITorbay is very much appreciated.

Can you resist the chocolate temptation of the Easter egg? Make a special trip to the Spar shop at St Mary’s in Brixham! The staff are running their annual Easter Raffle with all money raised for RNLITorbay ! Please support them if you can! We all appreciate your generosity – and you might win some lovely Easter Eggs!

Inter-Line Building Supplies are proud to support RNLITorbay We are extremely proud to support the RNLI for their great work with a donation of £2500. The Torbay crew have been out over 100 times this year. This year has been a tough year for them to raise funds with fewer people donating due to the COVID-19 situation.If you would like to help with a donation please go to the following link.👇

We welcome new volunteers for general fundraising and in our two Brixham
Retail Outlets. If you are interested in getting involved please email us at

Torbay Lifeboat Fundraisers annual fundraising week is scheduled to begin on Monday 9th August 2021, culminating in our Torbay Lifeboat Station Seaside Special event on 15th August,    These dates are subject to Covid restrictions and will be confirmed nearer the time via this website.  

Follow all the news, click the icon below

The RNLI Torbay Lifeboat Fundraising Team (TLF) work throughout the year to raise
funds to support the RNLI and the two Torbay lifeboats. An ALB Station costs in excess
of £215,000 a year to run so TLF’s fundraising is vital to support RNLI operations.

Since the first relaxation of Corona-19 lockdown the RNLI lifeboats have been even busier than in a normal year. The expenses of operating and maintaining the lifeboat fleet and organising and supporting the lifeguards training and rollout do not go away. Fundraising events have practically ceased. You can maintain your support of the charity by using this link. We need your support now more than ever.

Our local supporters can now buy items from ‘our’ shop using the link 

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