ILB SHOUT 14: 02-04-2021

Incident Date 02-04-2021 Launch Instruct 19:11 Lifeboat Used ILB Location of Casualty Torre Abbey Sands Launched to reports of a 21ft speedboat with 5 people on board aground at Torre Abbey Sands Torquay.On arrival, the five persons were ashore and safe, the ILB then towed the speedboat into Torquay harbour and tied it up onContinue reading “ILB SHOUT 14: 02-04-2021”

ALB SHOUT 6: 25-03-2021

Incident Date 25-03-2021 Launch Instruct 15:55 Lifeboat Used ALB Location of Casualty Thatcher Rock/Torbay ALB launched to assist 16′ motor vessel with engine problems approx 200m off Thatcher Rock.A local fishing boat had towed the stricken vessel into open water where the ALB took over and towed the vessel into Torquay harbour and safety.

ILB SHOUT 13: 22-03-2021

Incident Date 27-03-2021 Launch Instruct 15:33 Lifeboat Used ILB Location of Casualty Broadsands Launched following a 999 call from an onshore person concerned about the welfare of two female paddle boarders who appeared to be in distress.ILB intercepted and assisted the two paddle boarders back to Broadsands beach as they were indeed struggling to makeContinue reading “ILB SHOUT 13: 22-03-2021”

ILB SHOUT 9: 07-03-2021

Incident Date 07-03-2021 Launch Instruct 10:50 Lifeboat Used ILB Location of Casualty Berry Head Quarry Launched to assist Coastguards with rescue of a dog that had fallen from a height. There was concern that the owner might attempt a rescue and be put in danger.Luckily the dog was not badly injured and was helped intoContinue reading “ILB SHOUT 9: 07-03-2021”