ALB SHOUT 28: 04-08-2021

Incident Date 04-08-2021 Launch Instruct 12:30 Lifeboat Used ALB Location of Casualty Lyme Bay area Launched to attend a small tug approximately seven miles east of Torbay, en route to Torquay, that had developed a fuel leak and potential fire hazard. The ALB stood by whilst the tug made it to Torquay where the ALBContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 28: 04-08-2021”

ALB SHOUT 27: 01-08-2021

Incident Date 01-08-2021 Launch Instruct 13:00 Lifeboat Used ALB Location of Casualty Lyme Bay area Launched to a possible fire on 9m motor fishing vessel with three persons on board at a position approx 20 miles east of Torquay. No serious fire and the vessel taken undertow.The owner arranged for a trawler to take overContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 27: 01-08-2021”

ALB SHOUT 26: 21-07-2021

Incident Date 21-07-2021 Launch Instruct 20:12 Lifeboat Used ALB Location of Casualty Berry Head area Launched following reports of a vulnerable person threatening to jump off Berry Head. Stood down pre-arriving on scene as casualty was with the Coast Guard and awaiting Police support.

ALB SHOUT 24: 09-07-2021

Incident Date 09-07-2021 Launch Instruct 21:53 Lifeboat Used ALB Location of Casualty Torbay Launched to assist a 23′ motor boat with five persons on board.Contact had been established via the Coastguards and mobile phone so it was decided to launch as it was getting dark and they had no VHF on board.ALB assisted the boatContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 24: 09-07-2021”

ALB SHOUT 23: 06-07-2021

Incident Date 06-07-2021 Launch Instruct 17:21 Lifeboat Used ALB Location of Casualty St Mary’s Bay area Launched to assist three vulnerable people who had been stand-up paddle boarding but due to the strong breeze had ended up climbing Cradle Rock and calling for help.The Y boat was launched to recover the casualties from the rocksContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 23: 06-07-2021”