ILB SHOUT 23: 09-05-2021

Incident Date 09-05-2021 Launch Instruct 15:08 Lifeboat Used ILB Location of Casualty Preston Sands area Launched to assist two windsurfers who appeared to be struggling off Preston Sands.Windsurfers eventually landed on Hollicombe Beach where they were taken care of by the Coastguard and family members whilst the ILB stood by.

ALB SHOUT 16/ILB SHOUT 22: 08-05-2021

Incident Date 08-05-2021 Launch Instruct 15:00 Lifeboat Used ALB/ILB Location of Casualty Berry Head area Both boats launched to stand by off Berry Head where a vulnerable person was threatening to self harm after part descending down the cliff.Both boats stood down when casualty was confirmed to be safe and in Police care.

ALB SHOUT 15: 06-05-2021

Incident Date 06-05-2021 Launch Instruct 00:31 Lifeboat Used ALB Location of Casualty Torquay area Launched to assist the Police and Coastguard Rescue Teams to ensure the safety of a vulnerable person to the east of Torquay.The position was pinpointed by shore based assets who were unable to approach the person due to the location.Two RNLIContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 15: 06-05-2021”

ALB SHOUT 14: 04-05-2021

Incident Date 04-05-2021 Launch Instruct 16:10 Lifeboat Used ALB Location of Casualty Off Paignton Beach Launched to assist a paddle boarder being blown offshore from Paignton Beach in a fresh N. W’ly offshore breeze. Coastguard helicopter was nearby on exercise and airlifted person back to the beach whilst ALB was en route. Paddle board recoveredContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 14: 04-05-2021”

ALB SHOUT 13: 02-05-2021

Incident Date 02-05-2021 Launch Instruct 18:05 Lifeboat Used ALB Location of Casualty Lyme Bay area Launched to assist a 21ft fishing vessel 26 miles east of Berry Head with reported engine problems, both persons on board were very sea sick and due to the adverse weather conditions it was not safe to transfer them toContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 13: 02-05-2021”

ALB SHOUT 12: 27-04-2021

Incident Date 27-04-2021 Launch Instruct 22:18 Lifeboat Used ALB Location of Casualty Torquay area Launched to assist with the rescue of a vulnerable young person at Long Quarry Point, Teignmouth Lifeboat already on site.Ferried Police Officers from Torquay Harbour to scene and then stood down.Casualty was taken to safety by Teignmouth Lifeboat.

ILB SHOUT 19: 27-04-2021

Incident Date 27-04-2021 Launch Instruct 11:11 Lifeboat Used ILB Location of Casualty Goodrington area Launched at the request of the Police to do a shoreline search in the Goodrington Beach area for a vulnerable person reported to be in the area.Bay wide search conducted before the person was located safe and well; ILB stood down