ALB SHOUT 16: 20-06-2022

Incident Date 20-06-2022 Launch Instruct 08:55 Lifeboat Used ALB Location of Casualty Brixham Harbour area. Launched to assist a yacht with two persons on board, which had put out an emergency call.The casualty was drifting just out side the harbour towards the shore with engine problems.ALB took the vessel under tow to a safe mooringContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 16: 20-06-2022”

ALB SHOUT 15: 19-06-2022

Incident Date 19-06-2022 Launch Instruct 09:00 Lifeboat Used ALB Location of Casualty Scabbacombe area. Launched to assist Dartmouth’s two lifeboats that had rescued two kayakers, one of which was suffering badly from the cold, and up to four others missing off Scabbacombe. The ALB took the two casualties to Dartmouth, meanwhile the other kayakers wereContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 15: 19-06-2022”

ALB SHOUT 14: 18-06-2022

Incident Date 18-06-2022 Launch Instruct 18:30 Lifeboat Used ALB Location of Casualty Roundham Head area. Launched to attend four jet skis (PWC) towing a fifth jet ski approx 0.5 mile off Roundham Head and making very slow progress. Once on scene the jet skiers stated they were happy and proceeded under their own power toContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 14: 18-06-2022”

ILB SHOUT 32 : 08-06-2022

Incident Date 08-06-2022 Launch Instruct 19:36 Lifeboat Used ILB Location of Casualty Broadsands Beach area. Launched following a report of somebody shouting for help in the Broadsands area. Coastguards searched the shoreline between Elberry Cove and Oyster Cove and the ILB searched the same area.After an extensive search nothing was found and all units wereContinue reading “ILB SHOUT 32 : 08-06-2022”

ALB SHOUT 13/ILB SHOUT 31: 04-06-2022

Incident Date 04-06-2022 Launch Instruct 07:53 Lifeboat Used ALB/ILB Location of Casualty Brixham area. Both boats launched to assist a 10m yacht that had gone aground in Fishcombe Cove. Initially paged the ILB but after they investigated the ALB was launched to assist. The vessel was towed into the inner harbour as she was takingContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 13/ILB SHOUT 31: 04-06-2022”

ALB SHOUT 12/ILB SHOUT 28: 02-06-2022

Incident Date 02-06-2022 Launch Instruct 16:50 Lifeboat Used ALB/ILB Location of Casualty Brixham area. Both boats launched to a capsized kayaker who was in the water and unable to get back in it.On arrival ( south side of Berry Head ) the casualty had climbed up the cliff, because of the sea conditions it wasContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 12/ILB SHOUT 28: 02-06-2022”