ALB SHOUT 22: 26-07-2022

Incident Date26-07-2022
Launch Instruct09:37
Lifeboat UsedALB
Location of CasualtyPaignton Beach area.

Launched to to assist a 30ft yacht with four persons on board which was taking on water near Paignton pier.
On arrival three people were taken off onto the ALB, one ALB crewman with the salvage pump joined the remaining person and the yacht was pumped out whilst being towed by the ALB to Torquay.
The three people on the ALB were landed unharmed in Torquay harbour and the Torquay harbour launch took over the tow of the yacht into the harbour where the ALB crewman and pump were picked up.

Published by Derek Hore

Torbay RNLI and Torbay RNLI fundraisers website Editor

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