ALB SHOUT 18/ILB SHOUT 34: 06-06-2021

Incident Date 06-06-2021 Launch Instruct 21:00 Lifeboat Used ALB/ILB Location of Casualty Berry Head area Both boats launched to search for a vulnerable person between Berry Head and Sharkham Point.Both boats stood off whilst the Police dealt with the situation which took some considerable time.Once the vulnerable person was deemed to be in safe handsContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 18/ILB SHOUT 34: 06-06-2021”

ALB SHOUT 17/ILB SHOUT 33: 06-06-2021

Incident Date 06-06-2021 Launch Instruct 19:15 Lifeboat Used ALB/ILB Location of Casualty Hope Nose area Both boats launched following the report of a jet ski with nobody aboard drifting 0.5 mile north of Hopes Nose, Teignmouth B class boat also attended.After a lengthy search a jet ski with one person on board was located andContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 17/ILB SHOUT 33: 06-06-2021”

ILB SHOUT 32: 04-06-2021

Incident Date 04-06-2021 Launch Instruct 15:05 Lifeboat Used ILB Location of Casualty Goodrington Beach area. Launched following report of a pink inflatable approximately one mile off Goodrington beach.Due to S. W’ly wind direction, force 3, cruise ships also asked to search from their positions.Area searched by ILB and one inflatable found, returned to beach whereContinue reading “ILB SHOUT 32: 04-06-2021”

ILB SHOUT 31: 31-05-2021

Incident Date 31-05-2021 Launch Instruct 22:35 Lifeboat Used ILB Location of Casualty Torbay area Launched to assist a 6.5m cabin cruiser that had suffered engine failure close to the Orestone rock.The ILB located the vessel and the two people on board and towed them to Torquay Marina. The vessel and people were placed alongside andContinue reading “ILB SHOUT 31: 31-05-2021”

ILB SHOUT 29: 29-05-2021

Incident Date 29-05-2021 Launch Instruct 22:05 Lifeboat Used ILB Location of Casualty Churston Cove Launched to assist with the evacuation of a person who had suffered head and arm injuries following a fall at Churston Cove. The casualty, with the ambulance service and Coastguard Rescue Team assistance, was transferred to the ILB and transported toContinue reading “ILB SHOUT 29: 29-05-2021”

ILB SHOUT 27: 28-05-2021

Incident Date 28-05-2021 Launch Instruct 17:52 Lifeboat Used ILB Location of Casualty Livermead area Launched to assist a jet ski with two persons on board that had hit rocks off Livermead Torquay. When the ILB arrived on scene the two persons were on board a motor cruiser that had rendered assistance; in addition, they hadContinue reading “ILB SHOUT 27: 28-05-2021”

ILB SHOUT 25: 23-05-2021

Incident Date 23-05-2021 Launch Instruct 12:07 Lifeboat Used ILB Location of Casualty Paignton Beach area Launched following a 999 call to the Coastguards, concerns about a fully dressed male with rucksack walking in the water at Paignton Pier.When questioned by Coastguard, he said he was water training.ILB arrived on scene but was then stood down.Continue reading “ILB SHOUT 25: 23-05-2021”