ALB SHOUT 7/ILB SHOUT 16: 08-04-2021

Incident Date 08-04-2021 Launch Instruct 20:35 Lifeboat Used ALB/ILB Location of Casualty Broadsands area Both boats launched to help search for an elderly high risk female, thought to be walking in the Broadsands area.Search carried out from Fishcombe to Goodrington – Coastguard helicopter located a heat source at Ivy Cove and the ILB investigated whereContinue reading “ALB SHOUT 7/ILB SHOUT 16: 08-04-2021”

ALB/ILB SHOUT 1: 10-01-2021

Incident Date 10-01-2021 Launch Instruct 00:30 Lifeboat Used ALB/ILB Location of Casualty Corbyn Head, Torquay Both boats launched after a request by HMCG to reports of a vulnerable person in the area of Corbyn Head.A thorough search of the area was conducted by both boats and Coastguards Rescue Teams with nothing found .Both boats returnedContinue reading “ALB/ILB SHOUT 1: 10-01-2021”