ILB SHOUT 16 : 30-03-2022

Incident Date 30-03-2022 Launch Instruct 20:47 Lifeboat Used ILB Location of Casualty Torbay area. Launched to assist a 7m yacht off Torquay Harbour with one crew member who was very confused.Yacht was requested to anchor off Torquay where the ILB attended and put a crew member on board to help navigate the yacht into TorquayContinue reading “ILB SHOUT 16 : 30-03-2022”

ALB SHOUT 05: 07-03-2022

Incident Date 07-03-2022 Launch Instruct 17:53 Lifeboat Used ALB Location of Casualty Oddicombe/Torquay Harbour area Launched to assist with search for a missing person.Casualty turned up at home.