ILB SHOUT 58 : 13-10-2021

Incident Date13-10-2021
Launch Instruct20:35
Lifeboat UsedILB
Location of CasualtyHollicombe beach/Torquay area

Launched in conjunction with the ALB to assist Torbay Coastguards following reports of three red flare sightings.
A thorough search of the area proved fruitless and it was concluded the flares had been fired from the shore so both boats were stood down.

ALB SHOUT 40: 11-10-2021

Incident Date11-10-2021
Launch Instruct17:10
Lifeboat UsedALB
Location of CasualtyMeadfoot beach area

Launched in conjunction with the ILB to assist Torbay Coastguards with the evacuation of an injured person from rocks at Meadfoot beach.

ALB SHOUT 39: 07-10-2021

Incident Date07-10-2021
Launch Instruct16:12
Lifeboat UsedALB
Location of CasualtyTorbay area

Launched to assist with the search for two overdue divers.
Divers were seen back on the surface and after a debrief with the crew they were escorted back to their dive boat and then on to Brixham harbour..

ALB SHOUT 38: 27-09-2021

Incident Date27-09-2021
Launch Instruct18:30
Lifeboat UsedALB
Location of CasualtyLyme Bay area

Launched to medivac a sick passenger from the cruise ship ‘Sky Princess’ miles off Berry Head.
The casualty was successfully taken off the ship and delivered to a waiting ambulance crew at Torquay harbour.

ALB SHOUT 37: 21-09-2021

Incident Date21-09-2021
Launch Instruct22:02
Lifeboat UsedALB
Location of CasualtyDaddyhole Plain area

Launched to assist Devon and Cornwall Police