ILB SHOUT 29: 29-05-2021

Incident Date29-05-2021
Launch Instruct22:05
Lifeboat UsedILB
Location of CasualtyChurston Cove

Launched to assist with the evacuation of a person who had suffered head and arm injuries following a fall at Churston Cove.
The casualty, with the ambulance service and Coastguard Rescue Team assistance, was transferred to the ILB and transported to Oxen Cove where an ambulance was waiting.

ILB SHOUT 27: 28-05-2021

Incident Date28-05-2021
Launch Instruct17:52
Lifeboat UsedILB
Location of CasualtyLivermead area

Launched to assist a jet ski with two persons on board that had hit rocks off Livermead Torquay.
When the ILB arrived on scene the two persons were on board a motor cruiser that had rendered assistance; in addition, they had taken the jet ski under tow.
To expedite the recovery, the ILB took over the towing of the jet ski and all parties went to Torquay marina.
No injuries were reported and the ILB stood down.

ILB SHOUT 25: 23-05-2021

Incident Date23-05-2021
Launch Instruct12:07
Lifeboat UsedILB
Location of CasualtyPaignton Beach area

Launched following a 999 call to the Coastguards, concerns about a fully dressed male with rucksack walking in the water at Paignton Pier.
When questioned by Coastguard, he said he was water training.
ILB arrived on scene but was then stood down.
False alarm with good intent.