ALB SHOUT 25/ILB SHOUT 42: 14-07-2021

Incident Date14-07-2021
Launch Instruct00:27
Lifeboat UsedALB/ILB
Location of CasualtyOff Torquay Seafront

ILB launched following reports of a person in distress in the water off Torquay Seafront. Although the casualty was in telephone communication with the Coastguard there was some confusion as to their exact location, which was causing concern, so it was then decided to immediately launch the ALB to assist with the search.
Fortunately the person was holding their phone above head height showing a light which the ILB crew saw and so managed to pick up the casualty swiftly.
The person was conscious and breathing so was taken straight to Torquay harbour, along with the ALB, to await an ambulance.

ALB SHOUT 24: 09-07-2021

Incident Date09-07-2021
Launch Instruct21:53
Lifeboat UsedALB
Location of CasualtyTorbay

Launched to assist a 23′ motor boat with five persons on board.
Contact had been established via the Coastguards and mobile phone so it was decided to launch as it was getting dark and they had no VHF on board.
ALB assisted the boat back to Torquay harbour and stood down.

ALB SHOUT 23: 06-07-2021

Incident Date06-07-2021
Launch Instruct17:21
Lifeboat UsedALB
Location of CasualtySt Mary’s Bay area

Launched to assist three persons who had been stand-up paddle boarding but due to the strong breeze had ended up climbing Cradle Rock and calling for help.
The Y boat was launched to recover the casualties from the rocks back to the ALB which then returned back to the Station, where they were looked after until a Coastguard unit came to return them to their family and holiday accommodation .

ALB SHOUT 22: 04-07-2021

Incident Date04-07-2021
Launch Instruct16:00
Lifeboat UsedALB
Location of CasualtyLyme Bay area

Launched to assist an 8.5m yacht with two crew on board, one suffering from sea sickness and causing concern. Vessel was 10/12 miles out in Lyme Bay in a Force 6.
Two ALB crew members were transferred on board the yacht, including a Doctor, to assess the situation.
Sea conditions prevented a transfer to the ALB, so Crew remained on board and sailed the yacht back to Torquay harbour with the ALB in attendance.

(the whole event took over five hours from start-finish)

ALB SHOUT 21: 27-06-2021

Incident Date27-06-2021
Launch Instruct14:34
Lifeboat UsedALB
Location of CasualtyEnglish Channel area

Launched to assist a French trawler with an engine room fire 37 miles south east of Berry Head; Salcombe ALB also launched to the same incident.
On arrival there were two helicopters on scene.
Three firefighters and one rescue swimmer were lowered from the French helicopter to put the fire out whilst the crew of the casualty trawler remained on board to be towed, four other French trawlers were also there to assist.
Torbay ALB stayed on scene until the towed casualty was clear of the shipping lanes, then returned to station.
(the whole event took over five hours from start-finish)

ILB SHOUT 40 : 26-06-2021

Incident Date26-06-2021
Launch Instruct13:42
Lifeboat UsedILB
Location of CasualtyAnstey’s Cove, Torquay

Launched to assist a Coasteerer that had fallen and was reported to be in the water at Anstey’s Cove.
Teignmouth B class lifeboat also launched.
On arrival it was found that some friends that were with the casualty had managed to recover him to the beach, where he was then taken to the air ambulance and on to hospital.
ILB stood down.

ALB SHOUT 20/ILB SHOUT 39: 24-06-2021

Incident Date24-06-2021
Launch Instruct11:00
Lifeboat UsedALB/ILB
Location of CasualtyMeadfoot Beach area

Both boats launched to stand off an incident where a vehicle had left the road and gone down the rocks above Meadfoot beach huts.
Police/ Fire and HMCG also in attendance, and they recovered the injured person who was assessed in an ambulance prior to making the decision re Torbay Hospital or Derriford Hospital. No RNLI involvement and both boats stood down.

ILB SHOUT 38 : 15-06-2021

Incident Date15-06-2021
Launch Instruct22:52
Lifeboat UsedILB
Location of CasualtyGoodrington.

Launched following the report of an object in the water off Goodrington North Sands. Coastguards on the scene following a 999 call.
ILB identified the object as a log and took it ashore to the safe keeping of the Coastguards.
A false alarm with good intent.